Witchcraft in Vraj

I saw witchcraft tonight in Vraj.
A wandering gopi came face to face with Shyam.
Sakhi, she is babbling now,
Can no longer say “milk”.
“Come get Shyam, Shyam,
A pot full of Shyam!”
In the overgrown lanes of Vrindavan
Shyam Manohar fixed His eye on this girl,
then departed.
Meera’s Lord is hot, lovely and dark;
Tonight she saw witchcraft in Vraj.

– Meerabai
Translated by Robert Bly

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  1. Shiv

    Original please! I assume it is a Bhajan. Please let me know the actual source.

    Posted March 21, 2011 at 21:13 | Permalink | Reply
    • Madhu

      I did a bit of tracking down and finally found the translation online as well as the name of the original bhajan in a book called ‘For Love of the Dark One’ by Andrew Schelling. I’d love to get my hands on a copy, since it seems like the translations are very well done. The original begins “Ya Vraj Mein Kachu Dekhyo Ri”.
      Also, here’s a link to a page that has a number of references to various bhajans, essays and translations. You may find this interesting reading. http://home.infionline.net/~ddisse/mirabai.html

      Posted March 22, 2011 at 00:52 | Permalink

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