Chapter and Verse

Drunk on poetry, high on life.


Now, if only we could leave this page at that. Dear Reader, you’re probably starting to wonder if this ‘we’ is in fact the first-person plural, overweening pomposity or full-blown multiple personalities. A little reassurance is due, we think.

We’re two (but mighty warriors) twenty-something (late twenties, sigh) self-proclaimed geeks (speak for yourself) and friends (of a dysfunctional sort). Since our conversations are interrupted by one another more often than not, the parantheses give you a fairly accurate representation of our speaking voices as it were.

As for the poetry, you can blame our parents (our friends) for driving us to drink (starting us on the one true path young). It speaks to us (sometimes in a slurred voice).


Okay, if you’ve made it this far, you deserve the *real* story. Which is that many years ago, when we were mere striplings, we had signed up for a mailing list called The Wondering Minstrels. It was poetry! Delivered to our inboxes! And then it stopped, and we talked about how it was sad, and someone should do something.

This is our attempt at something similar – glaring dissimilarities apart. It’s not a mailing list, it’s primarily a blog, and we haven’t many contributers – yet. You could even say this is primarily to satisfy ourselves, and get over our abandonment by our mailing list. But we’re here, and we’ll see how it goes. What say you send us something you love that you want to share?