Nothing’s As It Should Be

The pie is not easy.
The pin is not neat.
The bees are not busy.
The milk is not meek.

The hound, not lazy.
The clams aren’t happy.
The loon is not crazy.
The friend-in-need, snappish.

The cat piss is not mean.
The thieves are not thick.
The hound’s tooth is not clean.
The winks are not quick.

The fiddle is not fit.
The bells, never clear.
The honey’s never sweet.
The three-dollar bill, unqueer.

The molasses isn’t slow.
The church mouse, not poor.
The mule, not stubborn in toto.
The ceiling’s not another’s floor.

The bunny isn’t dumb.
The toothache doesn’t hurt.
The rail is not thinsome.
The soil’s not cheap as dirt.

The grass isn’t green.
The horses aren’t healthy.
Nothing’s right about the rain:
God’s not in Heaven, all’s not OK.

– Robert Phillips

There are days that feel like this, no?
You can read a little about the poet here.

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