If I Die Laughing, It Will Be An Act of God

Its revelation reveals –
Divine comedy (and more),
Please welcome your four Hosts –
Death, Famine, Pestilence and War.

You say that we are all God’s children,
Can you please explain
How any father could inflict
His children so much pain?
I’m sure he finds it funny
But I fail to see the joke,
I bet he’ll piss his breeches when
We all go up in smoke.

Life’s one big disaster,
I hear the sound of laughter
Coming from the hereafter,
(I find it kind of odd)
We’re stooges for Jehovah,
He loves to knock us over,
So if I die laughing
It’ll be an act of God!

Thunderbolts were once his style
It’s now malignant tumours,
I wonder what he’ll think of next
To test my sense of humour?

You said I must accept his will,
That God will spare the weak,
I bet those tears aren’t tears of laughter
Running down your cheek –
When you are stood right there beside me
(Egg upon your face),
Your precious soul floats with the dust
Back home in outer space.

– Martin Walkyier (Skyclad)

Submitted by:

Ravi, who says “Shortly after my mother died, I thought my dad got a bad case of religion (a wrong diagnosis as it turns out, given his subsequent revelation that he’s atheist). He signed up for an Art of Living course, and the pranayam did him a world of good, but what disturbed me was a few books authored by the Sri Sri began littering the house. One of them was called ‘God Loves Fun’. Given the circumstances, the title and the smirking man on its cover made me furious. I thought of printing these lyrics out, and leaving them next to the book. It’s one of those things that I’m glad I didn’t go through with. It’s still a fantastic song, though. ”


It’s something that occurs to everyone at some point, perhaps – how can a benevolent God permit so much pain to exist in the world. Here’s a link to the song.

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